Sunday, February 18, 2018

Body in submerged car identified...cause of death confirmed

Crime Scene Investigators on the scene where a man was found in the back seat of this submerged vehicle near the Usine/Ste Madeleine reservoir on Monday. -Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

The man found dead in the back seat of a car submerged in the Usine/Ste Madeleine reservoir on Monday has been identified as 25-year-old Richard Beharry.

Beharry, of Green Acres, San Fernando, was shot once in the head.

Police have no motive for the killing.

Investigators were told that residents heard a gunshot at around 10p.m on Sunday.

The vehicle was discovered by a couple who had gone to the reservoir to retrieve a fish pot which they had left overnight.

They called the police.

Fire fighters went into the water and found the body of a man in the back seat.

The vehicle was pulled from the water and crime scene officers searched the vehicle.

They found that a brick had been lodged against the accelerator pedal to keep it depressed.