Thursday, February 22, 2018

PM not the crime culprit, Mr Maraj*

Ralph Maraj reminds me of the all-ego leader of the ill-fated PEP, who promised a massive rally of 50,000 registered members and barely managed 50. Both scream publicly for attention. Perhaps they share the same ringmaster.
Mr Maraj, however, is learned, experienced in politics and the affairs of government.
He prevails in respect of the dark hate and red anger directed at the PNM and the Prime Minister, former PNM as he is!
His Express column of January 21 revealed this antipathy. He called for the Prime Minister’s resignation. Why? Because Dr Rowley delivered his New Year’s national address which this pontificator thought was “a disastrous speech”. It “underscored the grave danger facing this nation!” It peddled “vaporous hope!” “Shame!” he cried. 

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