Thursday, February 22, 2018

Clean days of Clear Water River*

Now polluted: Present river still flows clear on its sandy bed. —Photos courtesy HEATHER-DAWN HERRERA

THE river flows outside the south-eastern town of Rio Claro as it did centuries ago, still maintaining its clarity but suffering changes to its size and quality as time passes.
Spanish surveyors had named the river Rio Claro after its clear appearance when they encountered it in the 18th century. This is how the town of Rio Claro got its name. It was the only waterway flowing through this south eastern area that was not muddy-coloured throughout the year.
Today, while driving through these parts, one is still struck by the clearness of this river in the midst of its brown neighbours.
Present elders of Clear Water village, a village named after the river, of course, remember the really clean days of the river some 50 to 70 years ago.

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