Monday, February 19, 2018

What happened to the 1,000 pound shark?

The hammerhead shark snagged in the net of fishermen in Mayaro at the weekend was butchered, filleted and sold by the pound.

Francis Arjoon, president of the Guayaguayare Ortoire/Mayaro Fisherfolk Association, said the head and bones were removed by fishermen on the shore as it was difficult to lift the 1,000-pound fish.

He said 600 pounds of shark meat was sold.

The shark was brought to a beach in Mayaro on Saturday.

Arjoon said the shark got entangled in a fisherman's net at the Guayaguayare Basin on Friday night.

He said sharks were not uncommon in the Atlantic Ocean, especially between the months January to March.

“But sometimes when the shark gets caught in the net it is difficult to pull it up so the fisherman would just cut the net and let it go,” he said.

This time, he said, the fishermen were able to tie the shark alongside the boat and bring it to shore.