Sunday, February 18, 2018

Wearing The Unpredictable*

CARNIVAL is colour! For those wanting that added splash of colour to complement their business or casual attire and reflect their mood this Carnival season, Natalie Howe - the designer and creator behind Dé-Colle-Té has something special for you. Dé-Colle-Té is all about Afrocentric jewelry and accessories but just in time for C2K18, Howe debuted her personal collection of Carnival inspired pieces last weekend at Carnival Pop Up at 51 Degrees Lounge, along with other designers and creatives. Howe, who has the face of a model, has never believed in following trends; but she certainly sets them. Since its conception five months ago Dé-Colle-Té has become a front runner in handmade Afrocentric jewelry. 

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