Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Search for suicidal suspect in killing of Tobago teacher

Killed: Kla Marie Solomon.

The search continues for the man who bludgeoned to death Tobago nursery school teacher Kla Marie Solomon-Cain on Friday.

Solomon-Cain, 25, was killed with aa hammer at the hands of a man she once loved, police said.

The suspect who had threatened to killed the woman fled the scene before police arrived.

Solomon-Cain was killed at the home of a friend where she had sought refuge a month ago.

The house at Lambeau is located near the Dorothy Moses Private School where she taught.

Solomon-Cain was ambushed by the man as she was preparing to leave the house at around 8.30am.

Police said the man went to the school in search of her but she was not there.

He then found her at the house and began pounding her with a hammer.

Solomon-Cain was beaten on the head and chest.

She died at the scene. Investigators were told that the man threatened to kill himself before and after the killing.

Police said searches were carried out on Friday night but the suspect was not found.