Monday, February 19, 2018

Three killed by cops were innocent, claim relatives

The car involved in the shootout with police in La Puerta on Thursday. Photo: Ishmael Salandy

Relatives of the three men killed by police during a confrontation in Diego Martin on Thursday don't believe police reports.
Speaking wit reporters at the Forensic Science Center in St James said they don't believe that the three young men opened fire on the officers.

The relatives  claim they were told by people who witnessed the incident that the vehicle was stopped by police and that the officers opened fire on the three men without warning.
They did not want to say anything more.
The deceased were identified as Kirk Stewart, 17, of La Puerta; Josima Oxley, 24, of Bagatelle Road; and Akile Mc Gilvery, 25, of Four Roads.

Police are sticking to their report that three men were in a Nissan B13 motor vehicle which was stopped along Broome Street East, off La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin.

When the police intercepted the vehicle, the occupants of the car drew firearms, officers said.

The officers opened fire on the three suspects who were all hit multiple times about their bodies. They were taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where the three succumbed to their injuries.

Police also recovered and seized three firearms in the Nissan B13, including a Beretta, a Glock and an Uzi submachine gun.