Thursday, February 22, 2018

Poor teamwork, poor performance*

HOPE HITS OUT: Barbados Pride batsman Shai Hope swings the ball away during his knock of 34 during his side’s Group A match against Hampshire in the Regional Super50 Festival on Thursday, at the 3Ws Oval, Cave Hill, Barbados. The Pride won by seven wickets. —Photo: CWI Media

Leaders understand the importance of clear vision and good strategy. But they also know that these two factors can only take the team or organisation so far.
Plans and goal charts do not accomplish performance. It is people who get things done. People breathe life into the organisation’s vision, plans and mission. And in sport, it is competent, well-trained, highly disciplined and highly motivated players that are the key to the team’s success.
The good leader demonstrates what the organisation stands for by setting the right example. He believes that self-leadership, group synergy and teamwork are key factors in performance and spends a lot of time communicating, facilitating, monitoring and motivating himself and his team. 

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