Sunday, February 18, 2018

Not Red, Not Yellow - Just for Country*

Deven Seale. —Photo courtesy DEVON SEALE

Calypso music is alive and well.
That was the word from the 2016 National Calypso Monarch Devon Seale on the eve of the most keenly contested semi-final of the Carnival season, Calypso Fiesta.
Seale said, however, with all the financial problems facing calypso administrators and promoters that led to the recent closure of a couple tents - Kalypso Revue and Kaiso Karavan, the time is at hand for exponents of the genre to become more involved at an operational level.
“Calypso is alive and well, however as artistes we need to become involved as stakeholders in some of our decision making processes. We cannot continue operating the way we operated five to ten years ago. 

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