Saturday, February 24, 2018

John Agitation has died

COMEDIAN AND STORYTELLER, John Agitation has died at the age of 90.

The iconic figure, whose real name is Ramdeen Ramjattan was taken to the Sangre Grande Hospital on Monday. He died hours later.

The Express was told he was ailing for some time.

Agitation was awarded the Hummingbird Medal (silver) in 2003.

He contested and won the electoral district of Guaico-Cumuto in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation by-election in 1989 under the United National Congress slate.

Chairman of the regional corporation Terry Rondon, expressed his condolences to Ramjattan's family.

He said in his later years, Ramjattan lived with his daughter at Matura.

Rondon recalled as a young man growing up listening to Ramjattan telling jokes.

He said: “He was a councillor for our regional corporation and the work he did, all his contributions was for the better for the electoral district he represented. As a young man, I grew up listening to “Agi” telling his jokes and it was a time I spent with my family. To this day, I still tell some of “Agi's” jokes even at council meeting.”

Rondon said the regional coronation will have a condolence book at the corporation's office open for the public.

Funeral arrangements are being planned by the family.

The Ministry of Arts and Culture has also expressed condolences on the passing of Agitation.