Monday, February 19, 2018

Take tents to the people*

Kitchener widow Valerie Green on late calypsonian’s legacy:

loving memory: Valerie Green poses next to a likeness of the late Lord Kitchener at Rain-O-Rama, Diego Martin, during a tour hosted by the National Trust.

Valerie Green, widow of the celebrated calypsonian Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts), said people are not patroni­sing tents because of crime, and it was imperative to take the tents to people in the respective communi­ties. She also said the family was grateful Kitchener was still recei­ving posthumous awards—the most recent being the honorary doctorate from the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) in 2017.
Green made these comments recently when the National Trust made a pit stop at Kitchener’s upside-down, umbrella-shaped former home, Rain-O-Rama, in Diego Martin. Also in attendance were National Trust chief executive officer Valerie Taylor, communications officer Chenelle Spooner, and administra­tive officers Marlon Green and Judith Marchan. 

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