Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bullet through the window at Express House

The bullet hole in a window of the third-floor office of a TV6 staff member at Express House, Independence Square, Port of Spain. —Photo: GYASI GONZALES

THE office of a TV6 staff member, at Express House, Independence Square, Port of Spain, was shot at between Friday night and Monday morning.

Lisa Gobin, head of programming, promotions and traffic at TV6, said she got to her office on the third floor of the building around 8 a.m. on Monday when she was told by a member of the janitorial staff that there was a bullet hole in the window behind her chair.

The bullet appeared to have come through a window which faces Independence Square and ricocheted off the ceiling.

Gobin said the bullet was found on the floor of a cubicle next to hers.

Gobin said she was told by the janitor that pieces of shattered glass were on her desk.

“Something didn't seem right with shattered glass all over the place and she also saw that my desk phone was damaged and then she saw damaged blinds and then when she saw the window she realised it was shot at,” she said.

After the discovery, the office was taped off while a sign was placed over the bullet.

Officers from the Port of Spain CID and Crime Scene Unit visited the office and conducted an enquiry after which they took the bullet away to be examined.

Express House is home to CCN TV6 and the Trinidad Express.