Monday, February 19, 2018

Five died at Sando hospital on Monday, but not a pregnant woman

The San Fernando General Hospital

THE SOUTH-WEST Regional Health Authority has refuted social media claims that a pregnant woman and her unborn child died at San Fernando General Hospital waiting for a bed on Monday.

The authority said five patients died on Monday, but none were pregnant.

In a social media post, someone wrote: “pregnant woman just fell down and die in San Fernando General Hospital, since she waiting on a bed, health system is the worst in Trinidad”.

In response, the SWRHA stated that the claims being made were inaccurate, libellous and aimed at creating public fear and panic.

Of the five who died on Monday, the youngest was aged 59.

The SWRHA said priority is given to pregnant women and that the bed capacity remains available for the obstetric department.

“For the last 24 hours, the bed capacity at the Obstetric Department remains at a manageable figure with beds being available. It should be noted that pregnant women can seek care via both the Emergency Department (ED) and the Labour Ward. At the ED, they are triaged and seen as a priority. Based on their complaint, they can be directed to various speciality wards.”

The Express was told by Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo councillor Arlene Ramesar that the person who made the claim and post was someone at the hospital.

She said the person was with a relative on another medical matter when word came that “a pregnant woman” died after she had collapsed.