Sunday, February 18, 2018

'PH' drivers get taxi stand

...after appeal to Mayor

AFTER submitting a petition and making a stirring appeal, “PH” drivers in Point Fortin have been given a designated taxi stand by Point Fortin mayor Abdon Mason.

According to spokesperson Jacqueline Henry, the drivers were tired of being ticketed by the police and wanted a meeting with the mayor for changes to be made.

The drivers met with Point Fortin mayor Abdon Mason on Tuesday.He told the group a signed letter and petition should be submitted to the Borough Corporation requesting the use of another street.

Henry said: “For years we have been working PH and the police would ticket us all the time. There is no one else working a La Brea to Point Fortin route and there is no designated stand for us to use. Most of us work for other people and we have to make-up the money for the car rental and for ourselves as salary. It’s really hard out here and we are thankful the mayor is trying to find a solution for us.”

Mason said the Borough Corporation will be working towards having the drivers utilise the Austin Super Blue Lyons Street until another proper location can be arranged.

He said the Corporation is attempting to create a taxi hub for all drivers to be located.

However, this matter had to be stopped pending a legal dispute since someone was occupying the space designated.

Mason said he understood the situation the drivers are faced and hoped that this new location will better serve their needs and that of the public.