Tuesday, February 20, 2018

From bookkeeping to beekeeping*

LOVING WHAT THEY DO: Entrepreneurs and creators of Bee Pure, Pierpont Scott and Jonathan Gonzalez, with a few of their 100 per cent beeswax candles.


WHAT lengths are you willing to go to in order to find fulfilment in your life and career?

For business partners Jonathan Gonzalez and Pierpont Scott, it meant stepping back from lucrative careers where they spent hours at desks and choosing instead to venture outdoors and into agriculture, more specifically—beekeeping.

Today, after much trial and error, they've figured out the complicated process of turning raw beeswax into scented candles—inspired by nature itself. Bee Pure's 100 per cent natural beeswax candles are now in selected stores and Gonzalez and Scott have plans of taking it even further.


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