Monday, February 19, 2018

Naps-Combined pan side celebrated in Sando

The Naps Combined Steel Orchestra which placed second in the National Junior Panorama competition. National Junior Panorama competition.

San Fernando mayor and pan enthusiast, Junia Regrello, says the future of our national instrument is in good hands.

Regrello made a visit to Naparima Girls’ High School in San Fernando on Wednesday where he congratulated the pupils and principal for their second place finish at this year’s National Junior Panorama competition.

He said, “It is great to see that level of appreciation for the steel pan especially from the younger ones. I was very impressed with the level of energy and excitement expressed for the instrument and the artform, and keeping it alive.”

Pan arrangers Desree Seecharan and Shaquille Vincent expressed heartfelt joy over the accomplishment, and says they are coming for first place next year.

“Though we felt we had done enough to win the competition, it is still an amazing feat since this was the first time for them playing together,” Seecharan said.

“The students had various skill levels. Some were very good pan players, and others had to be brought up to scratch for competition,” Vincent said.

Echoing similar sentiments, Principal of Naparima Girls’ High School Carolyn Bally Gosine applauded the efforts of all her pupils.

She said, “I loved seeing the camaraderie amongst the students. This was a first for us, with the combined schools, Naparima Girls High School and Naparima College at this year’s National Junior Panorama.”

Gosine said she has seen a growing interest in the steel pan amongst her pupils.

“Apart from learning to play the instrument, the girls also realised how much work is involved in moving the steel pan from one location to the next. It was great to see the level of dedication and teamwork displayed by all the students,” she said.

Referring to themselves as Naps Combined, the band scored 268.5 points with their performance of ‘Fallin’ by Kes.

First place went to St Francois Girls’ College for its presentation of Crazy’s “Pan Break”.