Monday, February 19, 2018

71 homicides later...cops assure safe Carnival

THE police want the public to know that it will be out in full force to ensure a safe and productive Carnival 2018.

Speaking yesterday at the weekly press briefing at the police administration building, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations), Deodat Dulalchan indicated that the organization was aiming to have no serious reports of crime this year.

He said the police had planned its Carnival 2018 security arrangements with the view of exceeding the expectations of all its Carnival stakeholders and non-Carnival stakeholders for this Carnival season and beyond.

“To do this the organization had the objectives to, minimize opportunities to commit crime and disruptive behaviour; to minimize traffic congestion to the travelling public; to provide high visibility around Carnival and non Carnival areas and events including residences, businesses, critical infrastructure and coastlines; to provide enhanced public safety and to preserve public order; to provide courteous, tactful and responsive service to the public; and to prosecute offenders who commit violations of the law,” Dulalchan said.

This was achieved with collaborations with the various state holders, such as the National Carnival Commission and its umbrella organization in mas, pan and calypso.

The police were also working with key security stakeholders including the TT Defence Force, The Strategic Services Agency, TT Fire Service, TT Prisons Service, Customs and Excise, Immigration Division, ODPM, Municipal Police and Traffic Wardens, EMA as well as air and sea ports security officers.

Event stakeholders, which includes fete promoters, were also consulted.

“In conceptualising the security arrangements for the carnival season, the planning consisted of three phases, namely pre carnival, carnival and post carnival. At present the pre Carnival phase is coming to an end and to date the TTPS has policed over 75 events and generally these events have been incident free and have proceeded accordingly to plan.

“The TTPS stands prepared and ready along with its other security stakeholders to provide enhanced safety and security to ensure all masqueraders and spectators have an enjoyable and peaceful Carnival Monday and Tuesday,” Dulalchan said.