Wednesday, February 21, 2018

18 years after man’s death: Woman freed of murder charge*

‘Faith’ kept her going: Ira Mitchell, centre, celebrates with her attorneys, Jared Ali and Rekha Ramjit, yesterday after she was freed by the San Fernando High Court for the murder of her uncle-in-law in 2000. She was charged back in 2006. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

IRA MITCHELL, who was yesterday freed of a murder charge after 12 years, pleaded for faster trial dates for the inmates she left behind at prison.

She said it was unfair to have people waiting for so many years for their trials. “I really think that the ministers ought to do something about this situ­ation. People waiting for court dates for five, six, ten years. You sit down just waiting on a court date, what is this? I hope today that this impacts on the people of Trinidad and Tobago and they start to do something positive, because it is a real sad situation that is going on in the system right now,” she said.


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