Sunday, February 18, 2018

Carnival escapees get an invitation to Toco

...from Matura to Matelot is open, says Terry Rondon

CHAIRMAN of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Terry Rondon is reminding those who have become caught up in the sea bridge debacle and cannot make it to Tobago, that Toco is open.

He says that people are invited from Matura to Matelot.

He said “After seeing the problems that being are having to go to Tobago such as transport, etc, I will just like to inform everyone that there is still room in Toco.

From Matelot to Matura are ready for campers and be assured that visitors' wellbeing is prioritised”.

Rondon said that both TTPS and Municipal police officers will be on patrol, the health centres are equipped and on alert, life guards are on duty, garbage collection is in place and there are toilet facilities.

He advised the people be careful since the seas were rough.