Wednesday, February 21, 2018

$120 robbery at KFC Port of Spain

A screenshot from the security camera showing the crime in progress.

NOT everyone was robbed at KFC in Port of Spain on Thursday night.

During an armed robbery staged by three men, most stood still and waited for the ordeal to be over.

But one customer simply took her meal and walked out.

The crime occurred at the fast food outlet at the corner of Duke and Charlotte Streets.

Security camera footage showed three men, with their heads and faces covered, walk in.

One carried a gun.

The thieves robbed the security guard while he sat near the entrance.

One of the thieves remained with the security officer, while the two others walk around the outlet among the customers.

And while the patrons stand still in their seats or at the counter, one woman took her KFC “to go”.

Not even the robbers stopped her as she walked out of the establishment.

The video ended with the woman walking on the pavement, looking through the glass doors while the robbery progressed.

In the end, the outlet reported that a total of $120 was taken.