Saturday, February 24, 2018

Is Carmona skipping Carnival ?

FLASHBACK 2017 - Anthony Carmona and his wife Reema Carmona cross the stage in Brian MacFarlane's Cazabon -The Art of Living on Carnival Tuesday at the Queen's Park Savannah. —Photo: ANDREA DE SILVA

PRESIDENT Anthony Carmona is off on vacation. He left on Friday morning. The announcement was made in a brief statement from the Office of the President.

It did not say if the President's family accompanied him.

It did not say when he would be back, where he was going, or for how long.

There was no immediate response from the President's Communications Advisor Theron Boodan.

However, the Express was told that Carmona would be back on February 18.

In previous statement, President Carmona has given more details about his travels.

President Carmona and his wife Reema have often played mas in Port of Spain. Last year, they crossed the stage in Brian MacFarlane's Cazabon -The Art of Living.

Carmona demits office in march to make way for incoming President Paula-Mae Weekes.

During his absence, Senate President Christine Kangaloo will act as President.