Thursday, February 22, 2018

Islamic Front: 'Why single out Muslims?'

Waajihatul Islamiyyah (The Islamic Front) leader Umar Abdullah

The actions of the police on Thursday are being condemned by the Waajihatul Islamiyyah (The Islamic Front) as flagrant and wanton disregard to further oppress and target Muslims of this country.

The Islamic organisation questioned why no other religious places of worship were searched by police. And it insisted that claims of a terrorist threat aimed at disrupting Carnival activities were false.

“Why is the state targeting Muslims in this country by disrupting Masjids and Muslims communities by making false claims that there is a plan a foot that Muslims are planning to disrupt Carnival celebrations? Why single out Muslims?” stated the release signed by its leader Umar Abdullah.

It stated that Muslim communities and Jamaats have been targeted as officers claim to have averted a terrorist threat aimed at disrupting Carnival activities.

The Waajihatul Islamiyyah (The Islamic Front) stated that the Masajid (Mosques)-Nur e Islam, Munroe Road, Sangre Grande, Bamboo and Laventille jamaats were searched on Thursday.

The searches, the release stated, “were juvenile, baseless, and a clear indication of the vendetta and dislike of the state towards Muslims in this country, not to mention the disrespect and abuse meted out to a number of Muslim men from various parts of the country, who the Waajihatul Islamiyyah (The Islamic Front) understands is being detained in a number of several police stations throughout the country for a few days now.”

The group added that the move was an attempt by the State and TTPS to persecute Muslims in this country, and under the guise of “raids and searches” disrupt the Muslim communities.

The Islamic organisation questioned why searches were conducted at reputable masjids for “devices”.

“Explain why there was a so called search for “devices” from these Masjids? And why wasn't such searches conducted in other denominational or public places of worship? Why wasn't “searches for devices” conducted in well-known hot spots such as Beetham, Sealots etc.?” it stated.

The release stated that persons also were being held for more than 72 hours.

“Why is the state persistent on attacking and disrupting the peaceful practice of Islam in his country?” the group asked.