Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chalkdust, calypso must change or die*

Dear Chalkie,

I rarely respond to critics of views I express in my column, unless, like you, I hold them in high regard. Just as I enjoy the freedom to criticise public figures within the bounds of decency, I respect others' right to respond to my opinions when we disagree, or even when they distort facts and resort to abuse.

Like you, too, my brother, I do not suffer fools: I ignore them, leave them to wallow in their folly.

I was somewhat surprised that you felt hurt when I referred to you as “a (calypso) pioneer of sorts”. That was intended to be complimentary, not derogatory. I thought of you being among the first public officers (a teacher) who not only dared to enter the calypso arena, but dared to be critical of the Government of the day, which was led by Dr Eric Williams, who did not take too kindly being subjected to criticism, certainly not from a calypsonian.


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