Saturday, February 17, 2018

4 killings, robberies recorded for Carnival*

murdered in chaguanas: Teenager Reshad Singh who was murdered during Jouvert celebrations in Chaguanas on Monday.

FOUR murders, a series of robberies, shootings and the death of an elderly United States citizen were some of the incidents that marred this year’s Carnival celebrations.
Even though all of those incidents were not directly related to the festivities, the ones that weren’t certainly took the attention away from police officers whose main focus was to keep watchful eyes on the revelry to ensure a safe as possible Carnival 2018.
But in spite of the intense security measures that were put in place, those intent on committing criminal acts found their way to do so.
The first casualty was 24-year-old Osei Joseph, who was stabbed to death at 8.30 a.m. on Monday during Jouvert celebrations at Cipero Street, San Fernando.

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