Saturday, February 17, 2018

Socadrome scores.*

TRIBAL fun: Masqueraders from Carnival band Tribe’s Once Upon A Time have fun at the Socadrome, Jean Pierre Complex, on Carnival Tuesday. —Photo: CURTIS CHASE

port of spain
The best seat for a spectator yesterday was at the Socadrome at the Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain.  The bird’s-eye view from the stands was a treat for the scores who turned out with their friends, family and children as they were able to comfortably look at the Parade of the Bands and also enjoy live performances by top calypsonians — for free.
This was the fifth year of the Socadrome, with a well-organised line-up of talented artistes as well as the number of big bands crossing its stage.  The highlights of the day were the performances by David Rudder, Baron and Sugar Aloes and the breathtaking presentation by revellers of the Lost Tribe. 

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