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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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‘All progress comes with a price’

Newly installed Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce president Robert Trestrail has come out swinging, with a warning to the country’s leaders that in a globalised world, there is “no place to hide”. Read more »

  • Where will Govt find $3B to settle negotiations?

    Enough has been said and written in condemnation of the police “coup” last Monday that subjected tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens to sheer torture, and cost the country hundreds of millions of dollars in lost man-hours and production. Read More »

  • T&T looks to Caribbean Carbon Market

    A proposal is expected to be submitted to the United Nations (UN) in the coming weeks, as part of this country’s attempt to reduce carbon emissions and save money. Once accepted, the country could be able to earn US$3.2 billion. Read More »

  • The ‘new energy economy’

    Will cross-border hydrocarbon development be a key part of what Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, Kevin Ramnarine, describes as the “new energy economy” of Trinidad and Tobago, about which I wrote last week? Read More »

  • ‘Explore offshore Alaskan Arctic now’

    The United States should immediately begin a push to exploit its enormous trove of oil in the Arctic waters off of Alaska, or risk a renewed reliance on imported oil in the future, an Energy Department advisory council says in a study released last Friday. Read More »

  • Gold by the bellyful

    Forget the oil money, forget CEPEP. We have an inexhaustible supply of wealth that requires less work than URP. More, you don’t even have to stand up, you can sit down on the job forever. Maybe even two sources, the second of which requires only that you do what other Trinis do day and night, especially now that cellphones have become commonplace. Read More »

  • Best bank

    Scotiabank has been named the Best Emerging Market Bank 2015 in Trinidad and Tobago by Global Finance. This is the fifth year the bank has captured this accolade, having also received it in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Read More »

  • Is this the new normal?

    This time a year ago, the oil industry’s biggest problem was finding a way to deal with the “retirement tsunami” about to crash down on it as older oilfield workers hung up their cork boots. Now, with oil prices still in the doldrums, many of those same workers are lucky to be hanging onto their jobs, while others have been booted from the payroll as an ugly wave of layoffs takes hold. Read More »

  • Turning point in the CLICO story

    Today is a significant day in the painful story that was the CLICO financial crisis. For CLICO creditors and policyholders the end of this traumatic experience is finally drawing near. Today, six years after CLICO collapsed, the company is in a position to make its first payment of just over seven billion dollars to its single largest creditor: the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Read More »

  • Robert Theophilus Yorke (1932-2015)

    On November 24, 2010, the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce inducted Mr Robert Yorke into its Business Hall of Fame. Mr Yorke passed away on March 24 and this week, the T&T Chamber, as a mark of respect for his contribution and his legacy, Read More »

  • Our land

    Long-standing public concerns over land allocation have been increased by a number of recent events. Most notably there have been reports of leases of waterfront land at ‘Chagville’ for a waterpark and the Chaguaramas Convention Centre for a hotel project. Read More »

  • T&T - One not-to-miss

    Trinidad and Tobago’s year round festivals, diverse culture, eco-adventure activities and unique gastronomy position the destination as one not-to-miss with millennials, the fastest growing segment of travellers. Read More »

  • Wins for Valdez & Torry

    Valdez & Torry International (VTI) struck what it said was a historic win in this year’s prestigious Addy awards, with an major haul of 18 Addys – five gold and 13 silver. Read More »

  • Asian bank blues

    United States resistance to a Chinese-led Asian regional bank has left it isolated among its Asian and European allies and given some heft to China’s frequent complaints that Washington wants to contain its rise as a world power. Read More »

  • The New Sorento

    Kia Motors late last month launched its new 2015 Sorento SUV at Movietowne at Audrey Jeffers Highway, Port of Spain. Kia launched the Sorento on March 20 and had on display its range of other 2015 Kia vehicles. Read More »

  • What’s next for La Brea?

    IN 2008, development began on the Union Industrial Estate in La Brea with the intention of creating a second industrial hub on Trinidad’s western coast. Through the activism of Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, who led an environmental challenge in the court, and a change of Government in 2010, the estate’s mega industrial project - the Alutrint aluminium smelter - was scuttled after more than $3.2 billion had been spent. Read More »

  • Make housing promise a permanent feature

    It is unfortunate that Government’s housing programmes, which target low to middle-income families, almost always become enmeshed in electioneering. A few weeks ago, Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal announced that the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), which oversees the construction and distribution of units, will distribute 100 homes a week. Read More »

  • The NGC study likely to be more complex than might be imagined

    Is a “new energy economy” emerging in Trinidad and Tobago? If so, it would have been set in train by the current Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs Kevin Christian Ramnarine but the irony is he may no longer be in charge as it gradually comes to pass. Read More »

  • Raining cyats and dogs

    An American internet sting operation trapped a Trini man who thought he had a sex date with a teenager and she turned out to be the law. He was exposed and went naked into what he thought was her home. The narrator for the crime series hinted that the young man may have been into worse things than sex with a minor since he repeatedly spoke about what he planned to do with the young woman’s cat and hinted that the man’s sexual perversity may have included bestiality. Read More »

  • Why increasing gender diversity could boost business performance

    With gender equality issues and pay transparency at the top of politician’s and policy maker’s agendas – from Christine Lagarde to the European Parliament – the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has published a briefing paper that aims to help CFOs, senior finance professionals and HR professionals working alongside finance teams to understand the value of gender diversity and make the business case for diversity to their peers. Read More »

  • Texas: From shale boom to water revolution

    Texas is famous the world over for two things on a massive scale: oil and droughts. Now the slick but dry state is becoming famous for water: that precious element that both resolves the drought problem and also makes it possible to pump more oil out of the ground. Not only does Texas have the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford shale, but it also has the Gulf of Mexico and its massive oil deposits and endless gallons of seawater that are now economically treatable thanks to next generation water processing technology. Read More »

  • Minister Ramnarine unveils 2015 C’bean Energy Map

    Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine on March 9 was presented with the 2015 Caribbean Energy Map by officials from the Petroleum Economist, the National Gas Company and Petrotrin. The handing over took place at the Ministry’s Head Office, Level 26, Tower C, International Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain. Read More »

  • Global cross-border shopping trends revealed

    Results from a new study commissioned by FedEx in the United States and conducted by Forrester Consulting on the priorities and preferences of global online shoppers indicate how truly global online shopping has become. With worldwide online buying behaviour currently representing more than US$1 trillion in sales per year and forecasted to nearly double in the next four years, according to Forrester Research data, the findings are revealing. Read More »

  • Ensuring more efficient spending and guarantee value for $$ spent

    Finance Minister Larry Howai says the country is operating in a world of increased uncertainty due to economic and geopolitical events globally. “From the brutal insurgencies of ISIS in Syria and Iraq to the atrocities of Boko Haram in Nigeria, risks and uncertainties are being created every day,” he told attendees last week at a breakfast meeting of the Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce. Read More »

  • 7 Caribbean countries on USA’s ‘Major Money Laundering List’

    Seven Caribbean countries have landed themselves on the United States’ “Major Money Laundering List” for 2015. A major money laundering country, according to the US is defined as one “whose financial institutions engage in currency transactions involving significant amounts of proceeds from international narcotics trafficking”, a News America report stated last week. Read More »

  • How magazine publisher Meredith finds success focusing on women

    The nation’s top publisher of magazines and websites for women has its origins in a journal sold door-to-door featuring tips to help farmers get ahead in the early 1900s. Read More »

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