Tuesday, February 20, 2018



Mark Fraser

FirstCaribbean has made a contribution to The Adult Literacy Tutors Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ALTA).

The donation goes toward the sponsorship of training for ten ALTA tutors in the specialised area of remedial spelling. The specific tutor training is needed for the newly developed ALTA Spelling Programme, which took place over a two-week period during the months of July and August. The programme was based on a successful pilot initiative carried out in Arima in 2009, where 35 children were taught rules and strategies to improve their spelling.

The tutor training was a hands-on programme that equipped tutors with the special skills needed for the effective implementation of the spelling programme. The 36-hour course will benefit ALTA's north, east and south-central regions, as tutors will be able to offer remedial support to young persons with spelling problems in these areas.

As a non-profit organisation ALTA has relied on charitable donations to carry out its work of helping adults across Trinidad to improve their reading and writing skills for the past 18 years. FirstCaribbean was pleased to be able to assist ALTA in meeting the growing need for literacy intervention among youth, particularly those in primary and secondary schools, who fall under the age range of the ALTA programme. The Bank sees this as an extremely beneficial initiative with regards to community development.