Saturday, February 24, 2018

Guardian Holdings offers CLICO bond holders investment options

Guardian Holdings Ltd, through its member companies Guardian Asset Management Ltd. (GAM)and Guardian Life of the Caribbean, acting as agents for GAM, will offer CLICO bond holders the option to cash-in their ten-year bond at an attractive discount rate and to re-invest the proceeds towards restoring and increasing the value of their portfolios.EFPA policyholders, who would have fallen behind on their savings objectives over the last few years, now have the opportunity to formulate a strategy to get back on track with their goals.

The Guardian Group sees this offering as an important step in allowing CLICO bondholders an opportunity to evaluatethe many options available to them under the Group's extensive suite of financial products and services.

"More importantly, the focus is to give bondholders the financial peace of mind they deserve, as well as to guide and support their renewed decision making process on how to plan fortheir future personal goals and objectives," the group said.

The Guardian Group is an integrated financial services group with a focus on life, health, property and causality, pensions and asset management. It is a proven leader in the financial industry and is committed to playing its role in restoring investor confidence.

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