Sunday, January 21, 2018

14.1% retail sales hike for 2 quarters

Sales across retail sectors in the country between the second and third quarters of 2012 increased by 14.1 per cent, the Central Statistical Office has said.

This was up from 7.6 per cent for the same period in 2011, the CSO said.

In its Index of Retail sales report, the CSO said, when deflated by the Retail Price Index (RPI), the volume of sales by retail establishments increased by 14.9 per cent for the same period.

In 2011, this figure was 4.8 per cent.

The Index of Retail Sales is an important indicator of movements in the retail trade.

It is computed using the total receipts of a sample of establishments and is essentially a value index.

Dry goods stores recorded the largest year-on-year increase with 58.9 per cent in 2012 over 8.1 in 2011.

Textiles and apparel recorded 27.9 per cent increases versus 21.8; household appliances, 16.8 over 9.3; petrol filling stations, 3.2 per cent over -1.3; and supermarkets and groceries reporting 2.2 per cent over -1.0.

Some sectors showed a decrease: motor vehicle parts reported a 9.5 per cent growth in sales in 2011, but 1.2 per cent in 2012.

Construction and hardware also showed slow growth, reporting 1.9 per cent over 9.3 per cent in 2011.