Sunday, February 25, 2018

4G network up to mark, says TSTT

Minister: Company needs to be faster

State telecoms provider TSTT is maintaining that its 4G network is up to mark and does not need any more speed.

The company said so yesterday in response to a statement last week by Science and Technology Minister Rupert Griffith that TSTT needed to increase its spectrum size to allow the network to move faster.

In a statement last week, TSTT said it wanted to clarify that it currently did not have any applications to the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) for additional spectrum to augment its data service and all of the technical and infrastructural requirements to make the service fully operational for customers to enjoy all of the benefits of 4G were already in place.

Griffith, however, still insists the company needs to be faster to avoid disruptions in service to customers.

Speaking yesterday at the launch of the Prime Minister's Awards for Scientific Ingenuity, Capital Plaza Hotel on Wrightson Road in Port of Spain, Griffith said TSTT needed to increase its speed by 100 kilobytes per second to make its 4G system work optimally.

Responding to the fact that both TATT and TSTT have both said they were unaware of such a request, Griffith said the increase has not happened yet.

Last week, when Griffith first made the statement, he said TATT was building a spectrum for the telecoms company and it should be ready by Christmas. TATT, however, said it received no such spectrum increase request from TSTT.

The TSTT 4G network, which was launched three weeks ago, is a complete high-speed mobile wireless system.

"An evaluation of the network's performance by TSTT and independently by customers prove that the service is delivering on all of the benefits promised speed, quality and affordability with the complementary benefit of free unlimited data at 4G speeds in over 50 WiFi hotspots called bzones. Feedback from customers indicates that they have enjoyed access speeds more than 70 times faster than the EDGE service used previously," the company said.