Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bajan job cuts on hold for 2 weeks

 • Bridgetown

Barbadian civil servants, jittery over their government’s announced job cuts previously scheduled to begin today, now have two more weeks before they will know their fate.

Barbadian Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announced that the January 15 date for the start of his government’s lay-off of thousands of public workers had been vacated for administrative reasons and the job cuts would now proceed at the end of the month.

“Because of the constraints under which we have had to operate in even generating the list, the list has proven a bigger challenge than would have been the case in 1991 with no casual workers around, with a Public Service Act in place, with the constitutional amendment in place and all the other constraints that did not exist in 1991,” he noted.

“The Ministry of the Civil Service has taken a little more time; it has had to be a lot more careful, so what I?have said is that we target now the end of this month. That deadline though is not negotiable,” Stuart told members of the Barbados media at the island’s Government Headquarters, after he emerged from another round of discussions with trade unions. He added that the list would be handed to Cabinet by tomorrow. See Page 24.

—Barbados Nation