Tuesday, February 20, 2018

B’dos minister defends Massy


A senior Barbados government minister yesterday offered some choice words to people complaining about the Trinidad-based Massy Group perceived takeover, its ownership, its nationality and its politics.

Industry Minister Donville Inniss said: “Whatever criticisms there are about Massy…the simple reality for me is that it has invested heavily in this economy and its people. And for that, we should be appreciative.”

Inniss addressing the opening of the fifth Massy supermarket in Barbados chided those “who had a chance to do something about the said ownership structure and nationality and did nothing about it at the time.

“Those who had a chance ought not now to be complaining but rather ought to join us and get on with the people’s business.”

Inniss noting that the kind of investment made in the venture could not go unnoticed, pointed out that it was indeed a significant investment.

He said 130 people would be employed by the new supermarket.