Friday, February 23, 2018

$135 million in Projects for Siparia market to open later this month


Soon to be opened, the new Siparia Public Market - Photo by Dexter Philip

Donstan Bonn

SIPARIA'S neglect is being addressed, one project at a time, and

the town administrators have decided to involve all stakeholders in

the projects.

Residents last Friday participated in the first ever "Siparia Stakeholders Meeting," where details of plans for new projects, and the upgrade of existing infrastructure, were discussed.

The meeting was chaired by the Siparia Regional Corporation and held at its headquarters at High Street.

Chairman Leo Doodnath said the meeting was successful.

Members of various groups in Siparia including the Siparia Chamber of Commerce, the Siparia Inter-Religious Group and the Siparia Festivals Committee were present, along with representatives from several government agencies.

Doodnath said there were plans for a three-storey state of the art library, and construction is expected to begin by August.

The upgrade of Irvin Park is expected to begin as soon as possible with an international cycling track, a world class football field and parking for 300 vehicles.

Doodnath said by the end of March, a new Siparia market should be completed and will cater for 200 vendors. A food court and conference centre will also be a part of the new market and elevators have already been installed.

Doodnath said famed Parang Queen Daisy Voisin, a former resident of Siparia, would also be honoured.

The Daisy Voisin Hub, to be located opposite the Siparia District Health Facility, will consist of six vending booths, separate washroom facilities, private car parking and space for cultural events. A statue in honour of Daisy Voisin is being constructed.

The market will cost $50 million, the library $25 million, the park $50 million and the hub $10 million.