Friday, February 23, 2018

Cars, trucks and bikes top toys


FAVOURITE: Salespersons at Toymart, Nackeisha Mohammed, right, and Samanta Applewhite, display the best-selling item for the Christmas season—Baby Alive dolls—at the store's branch on High Street in San Fernando yesterday. —Photo: Sue Ann Wayow

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AS the countdown to Christmas Eve begins, the traditional toys of generations past appear to be the most popular still.

The remote-controlled vehicles and dolls, while now more technologically advanced, have been fast sellers in the malls and stores over the past weeks.

At Toymart, High Street, San Fernando, the best seller was a doll called Baby Alive.

Prices ranged from $399 and up.

The second best seller was the Beyblades, a top of different sizes and prices.

Shopper Melissa Ramsahai said yesterday she was searching for a truck or construction vehicle for her three-year-old son, Nathan Boxie.

She also has a six-year-old daughter who wanted a Bratz doll and a five-month-old baby who needed "baby things".

Customer Adrian Lezama said his five-year-old son Isaiah was very specific when he requested his Christmas gift from Santa Claus months ago.

"He wants a remote-controlled car. It must be chargeable and it must have rubber tyres. It must be red with a black stripe or black with a red stripe."

When asked how much he was willing to spend on such a gift, Lezama replied, "It does not matter."

Kelly Sookai, who was shopping with her son, three-year-old KJ Seeraj, at JD's Supercentre, said, "All he (Seeraj) wants is a choo-choo train."

At the Supercentre, Christmas trees were a major seller.

The store has sold at least 50 trees for the season and last week there were only about six left. The prices vary from $245 to $1,000.

Sandra Meade, supervisor at Ishmael M Khan and Sons Ltd, said shoppers were purchasing books more than toys and the main sellers were story books and inspirational books.

At Radio Shack, Port of Spain, salesman Keagan Taylor said the F150 monster truck, ranging in prices between $290 and $975, was the big seller, followed by helicopters.

At Radio Shack's La Romaine branch at the Gulf City Mall, iTune gift cards were hot sellers, along with helicopters, headphones and video games.

Salesman Sanjay Ramrattan said, by week's end, the truck would be the number-one seller.

At Rajendra's Toybox, San Fernando, bicycles were the main seller, followed by racing cars, dolls and action figures.

And at Ryan's Variety Store, salesperson Roopa Beharrysingh said customers were interested in movie and cartoon character toys, especially stuffed character toys, doll houses and scooters.