Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Chaguanas mayor: No street vending allowed

THE roads of Chaguanas are expected to be clear of street vendors during the Christmas and upcoming Carnival season.

Carnival Monday and Tuesday will be on February 11 and 12 next year.

Since Monday, police officers have been ensuring that no vendors are allowed to sell items on the streets.

Chaguanas Mayor Orlando Nagessar said the roads must be clear for proper traffic flow and the pavements must be clear for pedestrians.

He said yesterday: "Anyone found vending on the streets will be given a warning, first to move out. If they do not, their goods will be confiscated and they will be taken to court."

Nagessar said there were still booths available for rent at the old Chaguanas Health Facility where street vendors were placed two years ago.

He said anyone willing to pay the $100 rental fee per month could find out more information from the Chaguanas Borough Corporation office located at the corner of Taitt and Cumberbatch Streets.