Thursday, December 14, 2017

...Chamber: Restrict guns entering country

 As the country continues to reel over the shock of the “brazen” murder of State prosecutor Dana Seetahal SC, the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce has joined the many offering condolences to her family, and decrying the current crime situation in the country, stating that it cannot be allowed to continue. 

Seetahal was killed execution-style by gunmen who ambushed her in Woodbrook as she was heading home early Sunday morning. 

“There continues to be a seemingly unabated killing spree, with the majority of murders being committed with the use of guns,” the Chamber said in a statement yesterday.

The country’s largest business organisation noted that, from January to March, there has been a ten per cent increase in murders reported for the corresponding period last year.  

“Detection rates continue to be abysmally low. Even when arrests are made, the situation within our criminal justice system is no more encouraging, with cases taking far too long to be concluded,” the Chamber said.

The Chamber said statements made by officials including politicians and policemen that “all resources” will be directed to solving this case “ring hollow”. 

“All our nationals deserve to live in a safe environment... It is outrageous that year after year, the basic infrastructure necessary for a properly functioning system of law and order cannot be put into place — for example, the system to appoint a permanent police commissioner,” it said.

The Chamber said more must be done to restrict the number of guns coming into the country; an increase in the detection rates; and ensure that the criminal justice system serves the law-abiding public. 

“If we fail at this, the forces of organised crime will continue to prevail,” it said.