Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chamber welcomes new police strategy for Tobago

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce said yesterday it welcomed news that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) will implement its 21st Century Policing Initiative in Tobago in March.

“This follows the meeting hosted by the Chamber’s Tobago Division on February 8, where the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jack Ewatski, and Assistant Commissioner of Police for Tobago, Hugh Lovell, met with representatives of the Tobago Division and presented the plan for the implementation of the Initiative in the sister isle,” the chamber said in a statement. “With the trial launch of the 21st Century Policing in the Western and Central Divisions last year, we were hopeful that this marked the beginning of action towards improving the effectiveness of policing in T&T, and consequently reduce the skyrocketing levels of crime in the nation.”

The Chamber added: “However, we were disappointed that by the end of last year, the TTPS could not launch the initiative in other police divisions as there was reportedly a shortage of firearms instructors in the Service to train officers as part of the Initiative.

Against this backdrop, the Chamber is now encouraged by the efforts of the Head of the TTPS to revamp and revitalise the work and image of the nation’s police force in Tobago through the introduction of the 21st Century Policing Initiative, which should result in a more comprehensive approach to law enforcement in the sister isle.”

The Chamber said it expected that the police service in Tobago would use this as an opportunity to focus on some types of unsolved and prevalent crime - particularly homicides and robberies, where the victims are foreign visitors to local shores.