Friday, February 23, 2018

Christie: Expect big boost from new Savonette wells


on the rig: Vincent Bartholomew, left, vice president, Region Wells, bpTT, talks about the Savonette drilling programme to bpTT regional president Norman Christie, centre, and Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs Kevin Ramnarine on board the Rowan EXL II drilling rig.

Mark Fraser

 New wells being drilled from BP Trinidad and Tobago’s Savonette platform have been described as “extremely important” to Trinidad and Tobago’s gas production by bpTT regional president Norman Christie.

Christie was joined by Minister of Energy Kevin Ramnarine for a tour of the Savonette platform and Rowan EXL II drilling rig last Saturday. 

Christie said in a statement yesterday: “The latest well on Savonette is of significant importance to both BP and Trinidad and Tobago. By the time we’re finished drilling on this facility it will be producing close to one billion cubic feet a day of gas. It’s significant from a revenue generation standpoint, from a job creation standpoint and it’s something about which both BP and T&T should be proud.”

The Savonette 6 well was drilled to a depth of 18,270 feet by the Rowan EXL II rig. 

The well is currently being prepared to be brought into production by the end of January. 

It was one of two wells planned after the success of Savonette 4 which was drilled in 2012. Savonette 5 came on stream in 2013.

The Savonette platform is one of bpTT’s five locally designed and manufactured platforms using a standardised design.

BPTT is currently drilling the Savonette 7 well as part of its drilling programme for 2014.

BPTT operates in 904,000 acres off Trinidad’s east coast. 

An affiliate company, BPEOC, also has production-sharing contracts for 899,000 acres in two deepwater blocks off the north east coast. 

BPTT has 13 offshore platforms and two onshore processing facilities.