Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fish lovers now paying more


HOT SELLER: Fishmonger Anderson Cromastey weighs cavalli at his stall at King’s Wharf, San Fernando, yesterday. The fish was being sold at $17 a pound. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

Mark Fraser

AS Christians prepare for the 40-day period of the Lenten season, they should also prepare to pay a high price for fish.

At King’s Wharf in San Fernando yesterday, fisherman Anderson Cromastey was selling ancho for $30 a pound, carite at $35 and kingfish at $35 a pound.

The cheapest fish was shark at $15 a pound.

Kishore Boodram, president of the Claxton Bay Fishing Association, said by the pound carite was selling at $25, ancho $20, and cro cro $6.

He said the most popular fish in the area was mullet and that sold for approximately $2 a pound.

At the end of March, fishermen will begin to catch more kingfish and carite, Boodram said.

He said fish vendors will take advantage of the Lenten season and raise their prices.

However, he said even if fishermen raised their prices because of the season, they should not be allowed to.

“We should have standard fish prices. The Government should put that in place and let the public know so that we would not have vendors taking advantage of the season by raising their prices.”

The Express was told by fishermen the catch was affected this year by many days lost to rough seas, and by seismic surveys being done in the Gulf of Paria.