Saturday, December 16, 2017

Isolated incidents, says DOMA

Downtown panes smashed

THE Downtown Owners and Merchants' Association (DOMA) suggested yesterday that the recent window-smashing incidents in downtown Port of Spain are "isolated and will not occur in the foreseeable future".

Most recently, on Thursday, a glass pane on the Broadway side of the RBC Royal Bank ATM vestibule was shattered.

A statement from the bank yesterday said there was an "altercation between several persons which started within KFC, Independence Square, and continued on to the pavement and areas surrounding KFC, Broadway and the walkway of RBC's Independence Square branch. During the altercation, a glass bottle was flung in the direction of RBC's ATM room and hit one of the glass panels, causing it to shatter. The glass panel was replaced the same morning."

The bank said there was no other damage.

On January 31, a homeless man was arrested and charged with smashing glass panes at two other Independence Square bank branches, First Citizens and Scotiabank, as well as a glass door at the Parliament Building at Tower D on the Port of Spain Waterfront.

DOMA president Gregory Aboud said in a telephone interview yesterday that the episodes at the banks came after a long period of relative calm regarding such daytime incidents, and have been more related to the problem of homelessness than to specific acts of lawlessness.

He said there continued to be a continuing threat of smashed windows at night.