Sunday, December 17, 2017

Justice Carmona a wise choice

Southern business leaders:


'HE'S IMPARTIAL': Rushton Paray

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THE decision to nominate Justice Anthony Carmona as the country's next President is a wise one.

This was the view yesterday of several members of the business community.

President of the San Fernando Business Association, Daphne Bartlett, said all persons who were considered for the highest position in the land were "quite good" but Carmona was most qualified.

She said, "He does not pass a sentencing without making a statement about the issue. He is very much aware of what is happening in society. He is very integrated into what he is doing. He not only passes good sentences but he also addresses very relevant issues from time to time."

Bartlett added, "I think he is going to bring a new flavour to the office. He carries himself with dignity and respect which the office needs. I think he can only do justice to the nation and the people will love him."

Vice-president of the Point Fortin Chamber of Commerce, Rayan Rampersad, said, " We are happy about it. Being a judge and a person of legal fraternity, we think he will do a good job."

President of the Mayaro Chamber of Business Development, Rushton Paray, also offered his opinion: "I think he is an excellent choice for two reasons. He has a long and distinguished law career not only in Trinidad and Tobago but abroad, and he has been off political platforms which is a good thing which means he will be impartial. I will be happy if the Opposition supports him."

President of the Penal/Debe Chamber of Commerce, Sahid Hosein, said the issues of constitutional reform and reshaping government were the main issues that should be dealt with by the new President.

"At the end of the day, regardless of who they select, we need to look at our governance system extensively and determine at the end of the day how we are going to govern Trinidad and Tobago. The advantage is that he (Carmona) is a legal person so he will have the benefit of the legal experience."

And president of the Princes Town Business Association,Taurel Teelucksingh, said persons being selected as President "should not have strong political affiliations."

"The last couple of administrations have compromised the integrity of the office of the President by using members or people who have strong ties to the political will of the existing government to occupy the office of President," he said.

He suggested that persons who were being considered for the prestigious position be known to the public and the public be allowed to voice their opinion about the potential candidates.