Saturday, December 16, 2017

NIB wants electronic birth certificates

 The National Insurance Board, in its attempt to abolish the submission of life certificates by beneficiaries in order to receive payments, is asking all pensioners to submit their electronic birth certificate to the NIB in order to be added to the board’s new database. 

In a release last week, the NIB requested electronic birth certificates be submitted at the same time with life certificates. The biannual deadline for life certificates is June 23, but the board said it will not penalise late submissions of electronic birth certificates. 

It did stress, however, that only electronic birth certificates will be accepted, because the personal identification number (PIN) printed on that certificate is what will be used to cross reference information in the Ministry of Legal Affairs database on births and deaths. As per a memorandum of understanding signed in February, the NIB and the Ministry of Legal Affairs intend to share their information to streamline the payouts to pensioners.  The process is not yet complete, so in order to continue receiving payments, the NIB said pensioners still need to support life certificates until further advised. 

The NIB added that at this time it will only be accepting birth certificates from Trinidad and Tobago and not any foreign country. To facilitate the submissions, the NIB will open its service centres on Saturday, June 7, and June 14 from 8 a.m. to noon.