Friday, January 19, 2018

NP unveils newly branded tanks


COMING SOON: National Petroleumís new look LP tanks.

Mark Fraser

 Starting in April, National Petroleum will unveil its newly branded 20-pound and 100-pound LPG cylinders to the cooking gas market.

As the sole wholesaler for LPG in Trinidad and Tobago, NP is the owner of all domestic (both 20 and 100-pound) cylinders, and so these cylinders make up part of the company’s asset base, NP said in a statement yesterday. However, the cylinders have never visibly exhibited the NP brand and are often kept in customers’ possession for long periods thereby keeping them out of circulation and denying NP the opportunity to re-inspect and refurbish cylinders in the required time, the company said. 

“With a new focus on a journey to excellence, the company is excited to showcase the new tanks all painted in one colour red with the NP logo prominently displayed. The company is also committed to an education programme informing consumers of their duty-of-care in the timely return of cylinders to the distribution network and eventually the Company so as to ensure the viability of the tanks, thereby safeguarding themselves from potential risk due to the deterioration in storage,” NP said.  

“The new look tanks are not just a cost saving measure for NP, with the introduction of the one-colour as opposed to two-colour tanks, but they exemplify NP’s ongoing commitment to delivering the best quality LPG in containers that meet the highest industry standards, in a more aesthetically pleasing package,” it added.