Monday, February 19, 2018

New board members appointed at AATT


FINANCIAL expert: Jason Julien

Mark Fraser

A new board of directors has been appointed to lead the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT).

Its chairman is financial expert Jason Julien.

Julien and the other directors received their instruments of appointment from Minister of Transport Stephen Cadiz yesterday.

“The challenge for our board is that we have been in the press a lot. Maybe not for all the right reasons and we have to change that. So one of the first actions we have to take is trying to revisit what are the resources we need to get the Airports Authority back on track and as a board, what do we need to do to regroup and focus,” Julien told State media group CNMG in a story posted on its website on yesterday.

The new Airports Authority board members are:

Jason Julien

Rajive Dipnarinesingh

Premchand Sahadeo

Rishi Mahadeo

Carlisle Marks

Maria Gonsalves

Judith Baliram-Ramoutar

Colonel Lyle Alexander

Ruthven Goddard.