Sunday, February 18, 2018

...Permell wants answers from senator

 Investor lobbyist Peter Permell is calling on Independent Senator Subhas Ramkhelawan to disclose his involvement, if any, into the buying and selling of 634,588 First Citizens shares, between former bank executive Philip Rahaman and his cousin, businessman Imtiaz Rahaman. 

In a telephone interview yesterday Permell said it is of concern that Ramkhelawan—who is both the chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange and the managing director of Bourse Securities- has so far not disclosed his interest in the transaction.

“Based on the Sunday Express disclosure, we now learnt that the broker for that transaction was Bourse Securities of which Ramkhelawan is the managing director and we also know that Imtiaz Rahaman was one of the persons buying, his mother and the other Rahaman companies. The seller is Philip Rahaman. 

“As the founder and managing sirector of the firm he had a duty and obligation to disclose that information not only in the Senate, where it was raised, but once he was privy to the information as the chairman of the Stock Exchange he had a duty to disclose this to the public because the Minister of Finance Larry Howai had ordered an investigation which he was aware of.”