Sunday, February 25, 2018

Petrotrin: La Brea beaches to be cleaned

STATE-owned oil company Petrotrin has assured residents of La Brea, that the areas affected by the recent oil spills are being monitored


The company stated that any residual oil contaminated debris, will be removed from the coastline.

Petrotrin was responding to claims by residents that oil had resurfaced at the Carrat Shed beach facility.

“Petrotrin’s response to the recent oil spill can be divided into three overlapping phases: containment and recovery; remediation and rehabilitation; and surveillance and monitoring,” the company stated.

The Express was told that most of the significant activities in the first phase were completed in January and the company had moved into the other phases.

“We continue to monitor and remove as required, any residual oil contaminated debris,” the company stated.

Petrotrin’s personnel have been stationed in the area to monitor daily activities and the company’s makeshift medical facility remains at the La Brea Community Centre to provide treatment for residents.

Alvin La Borde, president of the La Brea Fisherfolk Association, said residents were concerned that the beaches were not safe for bathing. He said the signs preventing people from bathing and fishing in the waters off the Gulf of Paria were removed.

“But the water still has oil, so people cannot be allowed to bathe there. We have to keep telling people to stay out of the water. The chemical used to remove the oil is not safe. That will cause harm to people so we have to be careful,” he argued.

La Borde said fishermen have not yet been given the all-clear to return to the sea.

He said fishermen were waiting on the green light from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).