Thursday, January 18, 2018

Police seize fuel in La Brea


SEIZED: Gallons of diesel fuel in a pirogue recovered by police on patrol near La Brea on Thursday.

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Police were last evening searching for a group of men caught off-loading gallons of illegal diesel fuel from a fishing pirogue at La Brea on Thursday night.

The men fled when police arrived, leaving behind the boat and fuel.

The Express was told that officers were on patrol along the coastline in La Brea when they observed men off-loading containers from a pirogue onto a white KIA pick up van.

The officers approached and the men left in the vehicle.

The incident occurred around 9.30 p.m.

Police seized 42 gallons of diesel and the boat.

The National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) was contacted and collected the diesel for testing.

Investigators were trying to find the owner of the pirogue last evening.

Constable Andrews is investigating.