Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Port problems for 'Point' water taxi

Plans for the promised San Fernando to Point Fortin water taxi service are yet to be finalised, Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul said on Thursday.

"All we need to get is the okay from Petrotrin so that the water taxi can dock in at the terminal out there. Discussions are ongoing between Petrotrin and the Ministry of Works with regards to the docking at one of Petrotrin's terminal," he said.

At a borough corporation statutory meeting in November, Paul said one of the State-owned oil company's ports at Trinmar, Point Fortin, would be used for the docking of the water taxi which was expected to begin operating this month.

Paul said he had no discussions with the Ministry of Works and Transport but had been talking with National Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (NIDCO) and they arrived at certain decisions with respect to the water taxi.

Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner said last month that the water taxi linking Point Fortin to San Fernando would begin in January.

Paul said on Thursday "NIDCO was pleased with the way discussions went and were happy to at last be on their way to bringing the water taxi to Point".

Paul said the corporation had looked into the logistics for the transport of passengers to and from the Trinmar port and would be ready to facilitate passengers as soon as the main terminal issue was sorted out.