Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sales up despite price hikes

The many revellers coming into Port of Spain for Carnival Monday were treated to new items in the vending booths.

While the main items on demand for local masqueraders were water and beer, foreign revellers preferred coconut water and were also offered replacement tights, weave attachments and boots at some of the booths and stores.

"Actually people using fishnet tights a lot this year. I sold approximately 12 for the morning and people still buying," one retailer said.

Vendors lined the pavement on Frederick Street all the way up to the Queen's Park Savannah, where the main show was taking place.

"Boots are another big seller. People wear them out early, you'd be surprised," he said.

But despite the wares on sale, most vendors agreed that this year they saw an increase in sales volume even with some products boasting a slightly higher than usual price.

A malta, which is usually $6, was being peddled for $10. Water, normally $5, was a dollar to two dollars more depending on the street. Though the vendors could not explain why the location change cost a dollar.

"People don't really care about the price on Carnival. They already paying a few thousands for their costume, you think a dollar going to kill them," one vendor said.