Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Snowstorm stops CAL's US flights

State carrier Caribbean Airlines has cancelled a number of flights today and tomorrow because of a snowstorm that was making its way up the Atlantic coast yesterday and which was expected to hit New York and other cities in the northeast United States.

Airlines in other countries suspended flights to New York and Boston yesterday ahead of snowfall which forecasters say could be the heaviest to hit some northeast cities in a century.

Caribbean Airlines said flights today and tomorrow will be disrupted because of the impending snowstorm.

They include flights BW524/525 today where the Port of Spain and JFK, New York, sectors are cancelled.

Flights BW526 today and BW527 tomorrow are also cancelled while BW500 has been cancelled and renumbered BW3500 for tomorrow.

The airline said in a statement yesterday that further disruptions to other flights could be expected.

It comes at a time when many Trinidadians and Tobagonians living overseas are flying in for Carnival 2013 celebrations this weekend and next week.

CAL said yesterday that contingencies were in place to move affected passengers as soon as weather conditions allowed for the safe resumption of flights.